EMV Terminal

Why you need EMV terminal



This is three reasons why we need EMV in the U.S.


EMV helps curb credit card fraud

According to a 2014 study by Aite Group, counterfeit credit card fraud in the U.K. fell 56 percent since the country rolled out EMV cards in 2005. In Australia, counterfeit fraud is down 38 percent and in Canada, it’s down 49 percent 3

EMV is more secure than magstripe

An EMV card used at an EMV-enabled terminal is more secure than magstripe due to the unique code generated for each transaction and validated by the bank.

EMV’s global interoperability

EMV is a global standard and will be for years to come. ISVs can help U.S. merchants with EMV-enabled payment solutions to align themselves with this global payment method. This will also help attract visitors from countries where EMV is the norm, as most foreign customers expect to use their chip cards and are often reluctant to revert to magstripe cards.

Please refer ISO to the following link(s) for proper guidance on how to use their marks: http://www.emvco.com/terms.aspx